Analytics reporting for Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management (JSM) allows us to track most, but not all of it’s screens using an app for Jira such as Google Analytics in Jira.

Reports are available from the JSM Portal tab on the report and look similar to this:

Each item listed in the Top Portal Screens table is linked directly to the screen itself.

Screens which are tracked using Google Analytics in Jira

The list below gives the name of each screen and the format of the URL for the screen:

  • JSM Home


  • Portal Home screens


  • Portal Group Screens


  • Portal Issue Creation Screens


  • A customer’s list of requests


  • A customer’s individual requests


Screens not tracked by Google Analytics in Jira

JSM Portal Articles

Due to a limitation in the way Atlassian has implemented apps for Jira Service Management (JSM) Portal articles, it is not possible to track pageviews using Google Analytics in Jira, or any other Jira/JSM app on the Atlassian Marketplace.

It is however possible using Google Analytics in Confluence, specifically the filtering option allows you to see exactly which portal articles users are viewing.

JSM Portal search terms

If you are using Google Analytics in Confluence, the search terms used in JSM portal are tracked by Google Analytics in Confluence.

Though search terms from JSM cannot easily be separated from Confluence search terms, they are visible on the search tab of each Google Analytics in Confluence report.