Business Intelligence Dashboards in Confluence

In each of the macros, there is a simple 3 step process:

  1. Share – Click on the share link/button in the BI/Dashboard system

  2. Copy the embed URL

  3. Paste – In Confluence, paste the embed URL. If required, set the width and height of the dashboard in the macro settings

Examples of all macros and how they are used is below:


Moving between product-specific apps and BI Dashboards in Confluence

Many of the macros within BI Dashboards in Confluence are also available as product-specific stand alone apps such as Google Data Studio or Microsoft Power BI in Confluence. If you are moving to BI Dashboards in Confluence from any of the product specific apps, you must uninstall each of the product specific apps before installing BI Dashboards in Confluence.

Upon installation, all your existing macros will now be displayed using BI Dashboards in Confluence rather than the original app.

Conversely, if you move from BI Dashboards in Confluence to product specific apps, uninstall BI Dashboards in Confluence before installing the product specific apps.