Table from CSV allows you to view a CSV attached to a page as an HTML table on that page.


  • Display a CSV with a header row as a table

  • Filter/search field for quick access to data

  • Support for tab separated values (TSV) format

  • Auto detection of the separator – comma ,, tab \t, pipe | , etc

  • Sort the table by clicking on the header cells

  • Wrap cell content, or not

  • URLs and email addresses are hyperlinked

  • Links in markup language are hyperlinked e.g. [David Simpson Apps website]( are rendered in HTML

  • Horizontal scrollbars for large content with shaded indicators to suggest you can scroll horizontally

How to use

  1. Create a new page

  2. Attach a CSV to the page – you can use the attached sample.csv file for testing purposes

  3. Type /table from csv and hit enter

  4. Edit the macro parameters

    1. Add the filename of the attached file

    2. Specify whether to wrap the cell content or not

  5. Save the page


Both of the examples below use the sample.csv file which is attached to this page.

With word wrapping on

Wrap cell content? is set to “wrap”. Notice that long cells wrap onto the next line.

With word wrapping off

Wrap cell content? is set to “No wrap”. Notice that long cells do not wrap onto the next line.