Integrating with other tools

Google Analytics in Confluence has the ability to integrate with external tools that are built on top of Confluence. This page discusses some of these tools and how they can be integrated with Google Analytics in Confluence.

Refined for Confluence Cloud

Refined for Confluence Cloud allows you to “build custom themed Confluence intranets, knowledge bases, wikis, documentation sites and more”.

Refined does not build static websites from Confluence content. Instead, it presents Confluence content in a number of ways, including as intranet content for authenticated users.

Find out more about the integration between Google Analytics in Confluence and Refined for Confluence Cloud

Scroll Viewport for Confluence

Scroll Viewport for Confluence allows you to “publish your Confluence documentation as a help center: customize the theme & domain, version content & integrate with other tools”.

It builds a performant, static website that is publicly accessible and is really a way to publish a subset of your Confluence content for anyone to view.

Find out more about the integration between Google Analytics in Confluence and Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud

Products that use the “Confluence Embedded Pages” technology

If a product uses Confluence Embedded Pages, then it already works with Google Analytics in Confluence with no further action required from the Confluence administrator.

Some examples of products that embed Confluence pages:

  • Refined for Confluence Cloud (when the “Embedded Pages” option is checked)

  • (using Confluence Embedded )

  • miro

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Jira Service Management – Articles

  • Jira Software – Project pages

  • Jira Work Management – Project pages