Migrating between Confluence Server/Data Center and Cloud

If you and your team are moving from Confluence Server or Confluence Data Center to Confluence Cloud, you’re likely wondering how your marketplace apps will behave after migration and whether they are compatible.

What data will migrate?

Since the main functionality of the Chemistry Toolkit for Confluence is a macro with the same name and same macro parameter names, any Confluence content with these macros present these should be migrated without problems.

What’s the impact on users of Chemistry Toolkit for Confluence

There is no impact. Your end users will continue to see the same content rendered in the same manner.

Are the features different between Confluence Server / Data Center and Confluence Cloud?

Currently, there are more macros available on cloud than on Server/Data Center, though we plan to get feature parity for Server/Data Center in the future.

Macro availability matrix

Macro Name

Server/Data Center


Macro Name

Server/Data Center


SMILES 2D Structure

3D Molecule

Table from CSV with Rendering

Do I need a new license?

You will need a new license if you’re moving to Confluence Cloud since the Atlassian Marketplace treats the licenses differently.

For more details, please visit https://www.atlassian.com/licensing/marketplace#general-faqs