Content Analytics

The Content Analytics screen has the following features:

All reporting features are available to Confluence administrators and members of groups who have been given access in the Configuration Reporting screen screen.


The Page Analytics screen is accessed from the Page Analytics menu item in the Tools/More actions menu:


It is also available from the “Last 7 Days” overlay

Headline figures

  • Content Views, Content Edits, People & Sessions

Usage over time

  • Content Views & Content Edits

  • Attachments viewed, updated & created

  • All timelines are colour-blind friendly with accessible colours being used

People Report

Showing views and also their editing contributions…


Attachments Report

Displays a list of top attachments. For each attachment the following data is displayed

  • Attachments Viewed, Attachments Updated, Attachments Created

  • The number of people who have interacted with the attachment


Tools Menu


Date picker

Allows you to select the date range required