People Analytics

The People Analytics screen has the following features:

All reporting features are available to Confluence administrators and members of groups who have been given access in the Configuration Reporting screen screen.

Headline figures

  • Content Views, Content Creates, Content Edits & Sessions

Usage over time

  • Content Views, Creates & Edits

  • All timelines are colour-blind friendly with accessible colours being used

Spaces Report

Content Report


Attachments Report

Displays a list of top attachments. For each attachment the following data is displayed

  • Attachments Viewed, Attachments Updated, Attachments Created

  • The number of people who have interacted with the attachment

  • A link view to the attachment

  • A link to the Content Analytics screen for the parent page for the attachment

  • A link to the Space Analytics screen for the parent space for the attachment

Tools Menu

Date picker

Allows you to select the date range required